How could anyone not get swept away by all of this?

Watched last night’s match against Germany in the Piazza Ghiberti (yes the sculptor of the doors of paradise). To go that long with no goals scored and then the final few minutes Italy scoring 2!!! Needless to say the place erupted. There is nothing comparable. And I have no business being at work; slightly wondering if anyone else is . . .

Now I’m kind of swept away myself. That’s all for now.

4 responses to “I-TAL-IA

  1. Congrats! I watched most of the regular-time play (had to leave before the overtime started). It was an awfully exciting game–great play on both sides. I was cheering for both sides in that game, since they were both playing so well. I must say that If France wins today, though, I’ll not be cheering for Italy on Sunday….

    I love World Cup season, but it’ll be nice to get back to focussing on my life!

    2010 is Belgium’s turn. I feel confident 🙂

  2. I just saw a scene on CNN of the joyous crowd in Rome last night. What fun! I am so happy that your adopted country is winning. Dad and I will watch on Sunday and be cheering for Italia. Celebrate in moderation, or drink lots of water and have the aspirin ready. Wish I could be there!

  3. Um, Eric, we may have a problem. Really. I love Zidane too, but they have won recently. And I’m here and you are there (in the US).
    Just don’t let me know what you are doing to cheer for the WRONG team. As for Belgium GOOOOO BELGIUM (in 2010).

    Water will be on hand in plenty supply!

  4. Fair enough. Although in fairness, Italy *has* won the cup three times, while France only once. But it has been a long time for Italy, and they’re such a good team this year.

    I guess I’ll have to throw my hands up in the air and just enjoy a good game! Anyway, my two major goals for the knock-out rounds (the elimination of Argentina and Germany) have already been fulfilled.

    Either way I’ll definitely be thinking of you on Sunday. Best of luck, and have fun!!

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