Duncan day

So, today being the day that it is, I can’t help but imagine what I would be doing if at home (or more specifically, at my parent’s farm). There would be a cookout. Potato salad (preferably my Aunt Betty’s). Probably at some point, knowing my mom (well, the whole family really), there would be a margarita or some alcohol flowing. But the day, as it always does, would quietly center around my brother.

Center is a strong word considering since he was young Duncan tends to stay out of the spotlight that sometimes illuminates the Padgett life. He is charming and congenial when pressed. However, he loves to show off his pyrotechnical skills. And today is the day to do it. So, sometime after dark, we all get a show created, bought, and delivered to us courtesy Duncan. And considering he doesn’t usually have a staff beyond whomever I’m dating or a random relative, it is always quite the show. One year I had gobs of Atlanta friends down to the farm and I recall several of them saying that was the best July 4th ever. It was too. Of course, Duncan also had us shooting clays during the day. So many of us were so citified or sheltered, several had never held a gun before. But he would have none of it; in his mind (and he has a ton of valid points here) everyone should know how to correctly handle a gun. Fear lies beneath ignorance; therefore know. It’s no wonder I always think of him on Independence Day.

So, if you dare, celebrate today the way my brother would: defying dumb laws, ignoring some social norms, doing something you love and sharing it with others. Everyone revel in some shred of independence for me. Certainly Americans can still do that. And if you have the opportunity to see fireworks, and you don’t, well . . . that is just sad.

Me, I’m watching the Germany / Italy match (and maybe calling my brother).

4 responses to “Duncan day

  1. Happy 4th, Sista! I will eat some watermelon and watch some fireworks for you – if Alex lets me this year. Last year the sound and lights scared him too much and we had to go inside!

  2. That was the BEST 4th of July ever! Makes me want to go shoot a gun, drink some beer, and be dangerous!

  3. Dad and I were so tired after the 4th parade activities that we did not read the blog last night, Our day began at 5:00 am when your dad and Thom Brooks began decorating the Candy Apple red Toyota convertible that WIlla Hertwig (Chair of Walton County Democratic Executive Committee) provided. She calls it “Ray’s parade convertible”, she bought it a few months ago, some think she bought it for the campaign. I warned her that she will not shed the talk of the town that she is “richer than God” if she continues her generousity. We spent the night at her beach house, so we could be at Seaside for the parade. The car was decorated with flags, dad’s very impressive magnetic signs, and Thom drove it. The judges loved it and let them be the lead car in a 200 float parade. Dad was so handsome and he threw New Orleans colored beads and mints that were ordered with flag wrappers, much nicer than tootsie rolls. The kids along the route yelled with glee. Then we did the parade in Defuniak Springs on the circle at 5:00 pm, attended a music concert, and watched the fireworks that were over the lake at 9:00. We arrived home at 11:00 and collapsed into the bed. But while at the lake during the grand finale dad looked over and said: “Sure wish Duncan and Julia could be here”. Your brother is in Conneticut, but I forget what city. On the way home we were remembering all of the Pyrotechnics of the Past. It is a wonder that Duncan still has all ten fingers, but he sure did entertain us. I found a box of clay pigeons in the barn, I almost threw them out, because I worry about all your princess and proper girlfriends when Duncan makes macho girls of them. It is also a wonder they still have fingers. Mendy’s hair survived a few 4ths even when she had “big hair” Lori, Duncan thinks Zoe will be big enough to go Kyaking when you visit. Julia you have lots of new memories to make when you return home. Perhaps I should refill my Zanak presciption!!

  4. Duncan has all of his fingers because he is much wiser than we are. As for Z and a kayak, that will not happen until she is strong enough to lift the kayak out of the water even if it is full of water—while treading. Those are the rules. In other words — no time soon.

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