A dry warm wind

Someone told me that it is so hot now because the winds are coming from Africa. I haven’t looked any of this up to see if the statement is true, but the exotic nature of the air may explain things beyond the weather.

I am accustomed to heat. Not just heat, but the thick, soupy humidity of the South. The kind of heat that leaves you sweating once you’ve stepped out of the shower. All items seem to suffocate in the steamy bowl that is a Georgia, Florida or Alabama July and August. I remember petting my cats and feeling the sweat under their fur. Shade and a/c will save you and mean more than any spiritual awakening to most. So I have little sympathy for the complaints going on over here. It’s hot. Yes, but for now it is a dry heat and there is a wind; maybe not a constant, but a frequent one.

This wind makes me sigh. Its odd mixture of electricity and oppression stirs something in me and kills something else. Someone commented that I wore the expression of complete happiness and sadness at once on my face. Maybe a trick of the candlelight. That is a simple way to say it. Happy and sad. It really has layers of longing, regret, reality and imagination that make it more about self, and less about emotion. This dry warm wind is marking the time. It is announcing the end and more beginnings.

2 responses to “A dry warm wind

  1. Candlelight? Doesn’t that pique our curiosity . . .

  2. I awakened at 2:00 this morning in a dead dry heat sweat. My dream involved being a tenant farmer in South Alabama in the 40’s. Probably because the last words I read were “All over Alabama, the lamps are out. Every leaf drenches the touch; the spider’s net is heavy.” Yes I know that I should avoid James Agee in the summer when it is oppressive, but I couldn’t resist this book because it featured Walker Evan’s photos that stir something deep within every time I study them. Eyes look so familiar to me. There is one that looks so much like your dad if he had been starved, those children’s dirty little feet…… I love Agee, but he doesn’t compare to the effect that your words have on me. “This dry warm wind is marking the time”….. God that is beautiful… it is announcing happy beginnings for you. Come Home!!! Then you can return to Italia when the wind is blowing from Norway. I Promise!

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