The World Cup may be killing me

OK, slight exaggeration. But last Saturday was dubbed the day of id and we were awarded a tie for our efforts. A brilliant, brutto, tie. I watched the game with several hundred Italian fans; managed to cheer for the US; did not get killed. It was a lively atmosphere though. And some glares and comments were thrown my way. It wouldn't have been a proper match otherwise.

And honestly, since then I have not been able to see every game I wanted to. However, if I stick my head out of a window after 3:00 and listen to the sounds, tone and accents of the intermittent cheering emanating from every bar, I usually can tell who just scored or was fouled on. The only thing in my consciousness that compares to World Cup in Europe was Atlanta in 1991 going from worst to first and making in to the league, then World Series. But that is just one game a day. We have three here and a lot wider range of flags. Occasionally you can see men just randomly jumping for joy even when a game is not on. Bizarre giddiness abounds.

As for other news, it's hot. Blazing billows of air bake me during the day. Water and shade are my best friends now. And I like to linger around the refrigerated cases in grocery stores. They keep curtains or lids over them to keep in the cool air. Very few places have a/c. I am going to finally break down and figure out how to turn mine on. Or at least run the fan. There is a beach an hour and half away calling to me. 

4 responses to “The World Cup may be killing me

  1. There is a beach 45 minutes away calling you, with the whitest sand on the gulf, Nick’s restaurant on the bay has the freshest shrimp sitting in a stainless bowl ready to be floured and fried for you (Nick’s widow died) but her grandson Trey asked about you when we were last there. There is a nice pool in your backyard in Tally waiting for your return. And the pond here at the farm has NO Alligators, it would be a dirty swim however. Oh I forget, all of this is still nine hours away. COME HOME!! In the meantime enjoy that beach an hour and half away from you !!! Use sunscreen!! Does Italy have alligators???

  2. I had a very similar experience in Belgium (when the World Cup was held in Italy). I knew nothing about international soccer before, but it was impossible not to get caught up in the ferver. Belgium started to go crazy even before as “les diables rouges” (the Belgian National team) won game after game and finally qualified. By the time the actual World Cup started, it was pure frenzy, and I was the Belgian team’s biggest fan (well, newest fan anyway).

    That was, of course 16 years ago. Since then, every four years I have an attack of missing Belgium, coupled with a level of sports obsession that I am not used to. Even though the Belgian team didn’t qualifiy this year, I have been watching as much as I can reasonably fit in. This past weekend I think I watched parts of five out of the six matches. I go down to The Loop on lunch breaks to watch the last half of matches. It’s crazy. Part of it is that I love soccer, but part of it too is that I miss Belgium.

    Anyway, I do understand. And about the heat–it’s really hot here too. Enjoy the beach! 🙂

  3. Sigh, USA is going home. However, Italy and England both advance! It’s that Zoe magic — I know deep down she is also cheering for Italy.

    And yes Eric, I think I will always associate soccer with this place. It is such a given in Italy and with today’s win, the whole town is buzzing, cheering, honking. How could I seperate the two. . . .

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