will return after these messages . . .

I may vanish for a few days. It depends on energy level and ticket availability. Still not certain if I should go to Dublin, Vienna, or just down to Pompeii. I need to see Pompeii. And that is the cheap option. Paris would be too much alone. Wait, I'm thinking out loud.

So, if I am gone, I'd like everyone to think or yell USA at some point on Saturday. We play Italy and I feel like I'm torn, but going with USA in spirit. Of course, if I find myself in a bar watching with my Italian friends, I'll root for the temp home team. And England plays tonight, sooo . . . . you know, do your thing for the Queen. In other words, be like Zoe

England fan

As for other things . . .while speaking with my parents last night the tension between leaving and coming leaked into our conversation. Yesterday I heard from two friends that are in the hectic moving process. With all of our transitions in life, it is good to try and think of the things we love about the places we dwell. So, if any of you would like to share one thing that you'd miss about the place you are in, feel free to. I keep inundating everyone with my leaving lament; pay me back. There has to be at least one thing you'd miss about the place you are in.

8 responses to “will return after these messages . . .

  1. It’s good to be Zoë.

    love you,


  2. Indecision is over! I am pulling for England. I must be on Zoe’s team. Perhaps, I am unpatriotic, but the picture won my loyalty. Julia how do you manage to have the cuteist god daughter, the smartest friends, the most loyal friends, the most fun friends, the most handsome brother, and the best parents in the world ??????

    And you deserve all of the above……PERFECT DAUGHTER.

  3. I will miss a lot of things about Illinois when I leave, which kind of surprises me considering how much the landscape of the South has been part of my life. From Illinois I’ll miss how big the sky feels, the cool Spring days when things first turn green and everything seems possible. I’ll miss the community of graduate students and friends I’ve built around me.

  4. I would miss being able to call my Mom in the midst of a migraine explosion and have her go to the CVS, get my meds, bring me chicken and rice and rub my head until the anxiety and pain eased up. There is nothing like a Mama’s love to make the worst pain slightly more tolerable!

  5. I’d miss dogwoods, the concrete campus, and regularly passing by the places where so many good memories were created (the Maselton, S’s garden, Crawford Long, the Highlander, etc.).

    And let me just say GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAALL! England just beat T&T 2-0.

  6. Some will think I am crazy, but I will miss the climate in Tallahassee…the long, warm fall season, and the glorious springtime. Even summers here don’t bother me that much, after 18 yrs in St Petersburg and its endless summers. At least north florida has seasons.
    I will (and do) miss seeing Julia whenever I want.
    Ok, I am also for England-with a cheerleader as cute as Zoe, how could I not be?

  7. Lovely misses. Thanks.

  8. I’ll miss the gorgeous, regal live oaks here. They are ALMOST worthy of being called ents. I’m with Cheryl, too…I’ll also miss the time from October through May. And so many places and PEOPLE. Moving is hard. But moving is also good.
    Miss you!

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