joining the world

There is no way around it. The rest of the world embraces it. Everyone in town is talking about it. TV screens have appeared in cafes and bars everywhere. Yellow and green jerseys seem to be mingling with blue. So, I'm hooked. It's all about the rush.

Soccer, well football, has been dominating the foreground of my mind the past few days. It started slowly. A few conversations overheard. "What chance does the US have?" "Will Brazil win it all again?" "How is Italy going to fare with all of the controversy and scandel of the corrupt league?" After some time, it becomes part of the general buzz. I begin to recognize names and know who they play for and why I should hate them.

And now, full throttle World Cup madness. Italy won its first match yesterday. US lost. England has won. I feel like I need a world map so I can start keeping track. Tonight Brazil is playing (they seem to be favored to win for obvious reasons). And all of the action is really close by. But I will not make it to Germany for mere sport. I'd have to have another reason, right? So instead of travel, I keep a screen open at work telling me the scores as the action is going on. The next day I watch highlights as soon as I get in. This could get ugly before it is all over with.

Secretly, I'm pulling for England. Naturally I hope for a US win, thus increasing interest in this fascinating sport back home, but the few English lads I've met over here have me convinced to throw my lot in with thiers.

And don't fear — I'm sure to go back to being my Braves baseball loving self when I get back. Speaking of, will someone please explain why they are not winning. Some pics for your viewing pleasure. Don't they all look so happy?

England team brazil team hug

One response to “joining the world

  1. Jules, the FIFA Fever has hit our work group too! We all had teams chosen for us and have been given flags to waive. Of couse when you work with so many guys there are lots of “good clean fun” comments flying around!!! Go Italy!!!! I would love to see our US team win but did you watch their first game??? My niece plays better than that with a cold and injured toe…HELLO USA, Wake Up and Play Ball!!! (heehee)

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