chaos calling

Normally I try to give you nice, meditative observations of my life here. Not today. This is a more typical (somewhat caffeinated) day; sound familiar? . . .

Paper shortage; printer jamming; students piling up; wait lists; computer crashing — no, wait it's OK now; books re-shelving; faculty confused and confusing; director calling; student assistant "your number doesn't work" — huh?; now faculty demanding — possibly pouting; buzzer buzzing; door sticking shrilling; faculty happy; students happy; printer working; paper flowing; "oh, your number does work" right; what happened to lunch?

Librarian napping soon!

(Reading A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius; have read The Time Traveler's Wife)

One response to “chaos calling

  1. Do you need a “librarian napping” sign? Sounds like the crashing, buzzing, sticking and shrilling entitles you to a rest on your new mattress. Have a glass of wine, take a bubble bath and then go to bed early! That is my recipe for chaos.

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