things I’ll miss #4

Michelangelo — specifically David. Well, no, really all of his sculptures. To that end (or beginning — whatever) a poem.

A Biography of the Perfect Man
Abandoned, a prisoner
untouched in marble
waiting for the right eyes
or mind.

He appeared on the scene
commisioned to me
with the promise
of money and need.

His vision found the future
of my fixed stare.
Sheltered from everyone
I emerged with chisel, hammer, drive.

After time I had form, shape
of perfection to come.
He loved hands. My hands.
They say more than his name.

A day came when I felt
large calloused fingers of my creator
rubbing my thighs
with precision.

I am more still than his others.

Eventually my eyes held him
covered in dust.
Small fragments of me
litter him, the floor, my first home.

Completion of veins,
tousled mane,
I am. And now,

centuries later I see you all.
Soft, fleshy imperfections —
moist eyes in awe
of who I am. My civility.

He is long gone.
Not here for the stolen
pictures taken from cell phones,
climate controlled borders.

He left. A mortal trait.
And I remain standing,
staring, conquering
for him.



10 responses to “things I’ll miss #4

  1. First, thank you. Second, now that I read it for myself I feel profoundly that David misses Michael. Deep sigh.

  2. Prisoner poem. Lovely. And wow, you shared. L.

  3. Another curtain is drawn back…Bravo! Pretty soon you will be running naked through the streets to the river Arno shed of all insecurities (or at least a few). I am so proud of you Brave One! And just so you know I have “The Cricket Poem” on my wall here at work and now I’m adding this one!!!! I too have been creative lately and you just inspired me to get my act together and paint…Thank You!

  4. OK, I’m not running naked anywhere. Let’s just get that straightened out right now. You know Mendy, you may be the only one to have the original Cricket Poem — mine got eaten by a virus and all I have is what it became. Glad to hear you are on a creative turn!
    And yes L, I shared, terrifying really.
    And S, I’m so glad you got my David, he does miss him. Who wouldn’t?

  5. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  6. That gave me goosebumbs! I wanted to crawl up on the pedestal and kiss David when I saw him in February, I was delusional enough (and jet lagged) to dream that he would come alive. Then I realized you,dad, Lucy and a few guards would pull me down to that hard marble floor. The first time I saw him in 1993, I wept uncontrolably. Yes he weeps for Michealangelo. Let’s return to Florence each year to visit him !!!!!

  7. Yeah!!! Let’s go now!

  8. well, I’ll be damn! I wasn’t sure you would really do it. thanks for sharing. I was brought back to my time in Florence when I was circling David from behind (yes, I was checking out his ass and thighs) and coming back to the center when David’s eyes met mine. We should celebrate Michelangelo & David every June 6th by reading this poem. Please share more!

  9. hi julia
    it’s 3:15 pm in walton county/i just had lunch with your mother/we are going to change the world, you know/get ready/
    she shared your david poem with me and i shared it with belle/
    it sounds like you a david and mic have a complicated relationship/i bet it changes with time and familiarity/ive often thought the hands were the salient feature/ive never seen the real thing, only a replica once/
    ive never been to europe/
    it is fun to get to know your folks/i was delighted to hear about your situation/it sounds ideal/take advantage of it while it lasts/the early library jobs are better than the later ones/
    take care–marilyn

  10. Good to hear from you Marilyn (librarian extrordinaire). Yes, I fear topping Florence as a library gig will be difficult. But I’ll enjoy while I can.

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