I've been to Italy before this trip. About 15 years ago, my brother Duncan, John (my boyfriend at the time), and myself went backpacking across Europe. Dad gave us some spending money, but we were in no way living the good life. Venice was the first stop we made. The first thing I remember is the light. The light is different, especially in Venice. You can't find the source of it due to the water, surface, and reflection. Light is everywhere. And of course I remember San Marco. And being hungry. I'm almost always hungry.

My brother is a cautious and frugal traveler. I say that about him when I really mean it about myself. We both are. We had very limited money. So, while in Italy we bought two things. Not a fake David, no poster of Venus on the half-shell. We indulged ourselves with a pound of cherries and a bag of sugar cookies.  Those two things took us all the way to France. My stomach hated me later, but while eating the cherries, life was good.

And now I'm back, and the cherries are in. Like tomatoes, pasta, garlic, olive oil, and food in general, Italians do cherries very well. No, they don't have the splendor of the Cherry Festival in DC. In fact, I rarely see a tree. But the cherries are in full. Big, beautiful baskets and buckets of cherries. It almost, but not quite, compares to the kind of blueberry bliss that I have just outside of DeFuniak Springs, Florida on my  cousin Johnny Hugh's land. Certainly now there are blueberries weighing down those silvery bushes? But I'm here. And for now, the cherries must appease. Just for old time's sake, I splurged on a bag of sugar cookies too. 

3 responses to “cherry

  1. God that brought back the now vivid memory of cream scones with blueberry coulis and anglais sauce. My stomach hurts. But I will making them for you when you return. Shelby’s famous cream scones warm from the oven. Between me and your mother you can kiss you skinny ass goodbye! 😉

  2. I didn’t know anyone else knew where DeFuniak Springs was, much less about the secret blueberry stashes there. I used to drive through there on my way to my parents’ house in the Wiregrass of Alabama before they moved. Someone would always be selling blueberries out of their trucks along with other stuff. I always indulged.

  3. This will really make you want to come home! The blackberries are so full the bushes are bending so low to the ground the birds have to feast on them by hopping on the grass. I made two blackberry cobblers last weekend (shared one with Gerald and Carol since they had company). I haven’t walked down the sandy road to Johnny Hugh’s; but I am certain his blueberries are wonderful. Image 100 blueberry bushes to pick. Needless to say there are lots of fat birds flying around here. We will save some in the freezer for you!!!!!! I read Devon blog for the first time last night, she is gifted. It placed me back in my grandmother’s presence.

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