things I’ll miss #3

Sounds —

Bells tolling, scooters buzzing, sirens busy and shrill, pigeons shuffling cooing fluttering outside my window, Italian spoken, Italian yelled, 3 a.m. music spilling down the street, the whaling door, horse-hoofs on cobblestone, French, German, peddlers beckoning, the Arno running away, "ciao Julia, come va", even glass breaking, students typing, tourists talking ("wow, look at that"), street musicians repeating Mrs. Robinson, the violinist nearby who unknowingly breaks my heart with the setting of the sun, the child waking next door, and the odd intense beat of silence felt in a rare pause.

This list is never ending. Some will be repeated. I'll forget a few. But to have it all pulse around you in the air is part of the meaning. Stories are told with notes, decibel, pitch and tone. They are told in waves. And sometimes they have to be heard all at once to get to the moment that is this place. 

7 responses to “things I’ll miss #3

  1. the whaling door?

  2. Jules, that is beautiful! You hit the nail on the head with this! I too have sound memories that take me back to certain times in my life like when I hear firecrackers now (which for some reason in my hood are an everyday occurrence) I think of New Year’s Eve walking to Piazza Della Repubblica. (You will also be glad to know that my hood doesn’t throw them at people.) And while walking by a few of our new employees from Alitalia yesterday conversing in Italian I had flashes of the being on the AF flight to Florence and hearing Italian being spoken all around me for the first time. Of course, we have new AirFrance agents too and I remembered the NOT so nice time in the Charles De Gaulle airport. When I hear sirens passing by it reminds me of “lazy” afternoons and nights at what is now the Masselton (thanks to your folks)…was that E3???
    PS…please don’t judge me on my run-on sentences 🙂 because they take me back to 12th grade.

  3. Things you will be happy to return to: Live Oak Trees in Tally, Soft pink nose of Ghandof, Soft Fur of Skunk Ape, Sweet kittie smell of Cadbury, Chirping purr of White Bob, Gentle Fang Bite of Black Bob. Thick fog rising from the pond, (that was our scene this morning at 5:30 Rev Murphy was already fishing: and it was errieeee with the darkness of him surrounded by that white fog, he still wears dark jackets and that black hat like when he was grandpa’s friend. He is so ancient and now has a driver to bring him to the pond.) Chicken and dumplings, Daddy hugs, Mom hugs, Sweet Ice tea, and the sound of frogs at night on the screened porch.

  4. I am chimning in with your mother. Extra Sweet Ice Tea. A quick visit from me. Your Mama’s friend chicken. Ramen noodles. (Italian food wtf ever bitch you know you want some Ramen.) Movies. Stupid TV. ZOE!!!!!! LILY!!!!!! A Big Bear hug from Miche. A long swim. A good southern drawl. Barbeque. Crickets and Frogs.

  5. True, true, all of it is true. And know part of me is really looking forward to the return.

  6. The magic of Indianhead Acres’ flowers upon flowers in the spring. The beach with its white sand and blue waves in the fall. Watermelon, butterbeans, blueberries – I have my own ripening just now! The cats, the cats, the cats… I am down to three 😦 Celebrating our birthday together! Just a few things to look forward to…

  7. Oh Claudia, we must go for a walk in Indianhead. Sorry about the cats. But three is still lots to love.

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