a bed of one’s own

Firm, back loving bliss . . .

That is the only way I can describe it. Not only did I get a new mattress, but a new frame too. At 6:30 pm I decided to stretch out diagonal on my new mattress (does anyone listen to phish?) and regained consciousness at 9:30 pm. The bed is made of two mattresses, but now only one frame supports them. I can not tell you how happy this makes me. No more pebbles and pinches, no depth change in the middle. Even, balanced, firm, sleep. A friend of mine claims that I take jobs based on getting free rent, maybe. But I'm adding to that the importance of a good bed. So to anyone hiring out there, free rent and a Sealy and I'm yours.

And this morning it was raining and every fiber of my being said, "stay, stay, don't leave the sanctuary of white cotton sheets" and luckily I did not have The Life of Pi or I think I would have called into work.

But know tonight Pi, myself, 3 pillows to prop against, an open window with a gentle damp breeze and Vape mosquitoe repellent are going to have a lovely evening together in my little coop of a room. This is what I live for.

Another aside: I'm pimping someone's blog who I don't know (personally), but her take on the new Coke campaign for Tab had me in (slightly enraged) hysterical fits of laughter. Sorry Coke, I know I have stood beside you my entire life, but someone in marketing may need to get canned. Check out Devon's blog: indigitalcircles.com/dcfitzg for more about it. And Devon, if you mind the shout out, let me know.

4 responses to “a bed of one’s own

  1. You should probably clarify that the job you are looking for is Librarian, othrwise the click click of high heels on pavement may be offered instead.

  2. ha ha,
    but yes,
    for those wondering
    I did mean Librarian

    (the world is full of the bloggy pervertiti)

  3. Horray! I can now quit worrying about your beautiful back. I will concentrate on the mosquitos, scooters, and too many glasses of wine and your 79 stairs. Here in Florida my new summer worrys are:a) rattlesnakes (one was sunning on the concrete within two feet of the back door yesterday). Peanut and Daisy were just staring at it, no protection there! b) alligators are now attacting people. There was a big splash in the pond, Dad says it is the grass eater creature that he put in there a few years ago. It was a big splash! Martins have new babies on the front porch eaves so my mosquitos are being eaten.

  4. No, I don’t mind at all. I’m glad you found the tone of the campaign both abhorrent and ridiculous. And based on your suggestion, I did send an email explaining how offended I was by their lack of imagination and assumptions about what being a woman is all about. I mean, their agenda of white middle-upper class fabulousness is just appalling and a little bit sad. Thanks for the attention.

    I love the way a new mattress feels. Enjoy your reading and sleep and/or whatever other bed like activities you have planned.

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