things I’ll miss #2

Angie's Pub (what, did you think I was going to say David?)
OK, I know it's a pub and all, but don't knock it until you've tried it. First, it has the best bartender in Florence (maybe 2 of the best in Florence). That is irrelevant. There is the stoop outside of it where you can sit and talk to Mossimo about 11-year cycles (I still say 7 though), Italian politics (Angie's is very left — imagine that), freakish weather, the solo cane (a lonely dog, who really belongs to someone I'm certain). If you are there after the sun sets the sky turns a perfect shade of blue in an upside down T above your head. Pete will come rolling down the hill and be all "no worries" and Canadian-like.Chicco (killer Chicco) pours a very strong drink so I try to limit myself when he is behind the bar. And on nights where it is he and Gianluca (the drink artist) behind the bar, the energy flows out into the streets. There is a constant stream of strange and lovely music (Gaia always plays the Pixies). And after awhile, you realize you are a temporary part of local life. You know some of their stories, you filter out some of their lies (they are not all brothers and sisters), you laugh and then you go home, read, contemplate, sleep. But you are better for the hour spent and the sometimes stumbling conversation. You make a slight connection. And you learn something about life here, you just have to listen.

2 responses to “things I’ll miss #2

  1. do you remember where angie’s pub is?

  2. Via dei Neri at the corner of via de’ Rustici.

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