Things I’ll miss #1

Take a tomato (or more). Dice with some large chunks left.

Thinly slice or dice a garlic clove.

Mix the 2 together with virgin olive oil (and it better be green, don't even think about it if it isn't). Maybe a dash of salt.
Tear up some fresh basil (none of that packaged crap).

Toss together. Place in fridge.

Lightly toast some homemade bread with no salt in it.

Pour tomato mixture on top.

Serve with vino bianco.

Trust me, it still isn't going to be the same. The tomatoes, garlic, and olive oil will all pale in comparison. But keep trying.

2 responses to “Things I’ll miss #1

  1. It is so not the same!!! Even with “authentic” Italian olive oil and garden grown tomatoes…it is just not the same!!!
    And who makes bread with no salt???
    Odd how you crave things that you didn’t even think you liked. 🙂

  2. I know, me liking the unsalted bread is unnatural. It isn’t that I prefer it, it is just what I know (with that recipe) at this point. But trust me, when I get a basket with both the greasy salted and the plain un, I go for the greasy salted.

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