Spider silk

Spider silk is said to be stronger than steel. People speculate what kind of damage you could do with a thick strand — stop a Boeing 747 in flight, net in missiles. It's interesting to think of. Especially considering how beautiful and delicate the silk is. Some of my best memories involve dew, sunlight, and webs stretched out in airy embrace. It is everyday magic, and that is the best kind.

I bring up spider silk today because I have been thinking of strength and where it comes from. Honestly, the main thing that permits me the ability of separation is my lovely web of friends and family. I think of myself as always having a net. This net is woven by my connections with all of you. Yet, there is one thread that is stronger than the rest. True spider silk strength thread. And that is the thread my mother cast when I was born. So thin you don't see it, it is elastic enough to stretch over great distances, it sends messages to her without me saying a word, and it always catches me — no matter what. It is everyday magic that all mothers may have. But I know my mother does and that makes all the difference. That is knowledge that can shrink distances, build bridges, and allow me to face fears. That is love. And I am the luckiest person in the world to have it come from such a strong, spirited, warm and generous woman. Thank you for that and all of the hugs along the way.

Happy Mother's Day. And a happy mother's day to all of you bright, magnificent women. Especially Lori, Heather, Claudia, Sarah, and Dr. K.

5 responses to “Spider silk

  1. Thank you for making me a mother! You honor me with those wonderful words. I appreciate the fact that you never got tangled in the web. It hasn’t always been symetrical and orderly. It resembles a crazy quilt most of the time, but you made the most of it. I am in good company with the other mother’s Lori, Heather , Claudia, Sarah, and Dr. K and also the mother’s of your friends Michelle, Shelby, Mindy, Karen and the dozens more mother’s that I haven’t yet met. This is a gloriously happy day because of these words written from your heart. dearest daughter. Mom

  2. I feel honored to be loved by your mother Julia. Your metaphor is apt and beautiful. There is no one stronger that Sandra. We are all lucky (and better) for knowing her.

  3. I’m so glad I checked your blog today, J! Thanks for remembering me on Mother’s Day. It was so touching to read your words of love to your mom, and I hope one day that I will have a similar experience with Lily. We spent Sunday driving back from a mini-break in Chattanooga and re-settling at home, and Lily was utterly contrary! This experience sums up my feelings for now: I was riding the train yesterday morning next to a 3-yr old & her mom. I had been chatting with them–the mom said she also has 10-mo. old twins, so I asked the little girl if she had been nice to her mommy on Mother’s Day. She stared at me hard, shook her sweet little braided head, and said, No.
    Love (and patience) to all the mothers out there and the children who make them so.

  4. See, that is what I mean, not even nice to her mother on this special day, yet I bet her mom still thought she was one of the loves of her life. Give Lily my best and assure her that one day you may be the only person that understands (well, you do not have to tell her that yet).

  5. Lovely post, and yes Happy Mother’s Day to Lori and Heather especially!

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