some cefalu pics

I tried to avoid having pictures of me on here, but since we were limited to a disposible camera, most of the pictures have one of us in it. And yes, the phrase "drunken fairy" did come to mind when I saw one of them. Sorry I have none of the Temple of Diana and the panoramic shots of the town from above.

Cefalu shrine Angie at Cefalu Duomo Julia at shore angie shore other view Julia Cefalu alley

4 responses to “some cefalu pics

  1. Sun, Sand and Sea agree with you! America has lots of that also. But the history and architecture can not be matched here. Is that why you migrate toward the concrete or pine trees when in America ? We miss you! Come home!

    BYW Are those humble petunias in the stone planter in the alley pic? I love the sun and shadow in that scene.

  2. You look ravishing!

  3. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful; and the scenery’s not bad, either.

  4. Larry! So nice of you to join the frey. Thanks for the compliment and I’ll be sure to pass it on to Angie. Miss you!

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