I'll be honest, I'm very dull-witted right now. My father always said he hated to take vacations because they always have an end. And I'm clearly not on vacation anymore. But I digress . . .

Sicily. It may be the most exotic place I've ever visited. As soon as I woke up on the train and started watching the landscape roll past me, I knew I was in a different place. That was reaffirmed when we stayed at Palermo. It became our "Hell's Kitchen" of Italy. Vibrant, noisy, somewhat dangerous . . . we only stayed a day, but it was beautiful and alien as a foreign land should be.

But then Cefalu (pardon the lack of accent on the u). Cacti, sand, sea, Diana's Temple, ruins, abandoned fortresses, mountains, air, air, air . . . it was a much needed break. Angela and I hiked up to Diana's ruins, lounged by the sea, sunbathed, talked to the locals, ate fish, drank wine. It was perfect. Not even a sunburn. I didn't really learn anything about myself or who I am. And that was the point. I did however, figure out how to let things go. I may forget again, but for a few days, nothing bothered me. No email, no worries, no phone. Total disconnect. Everyone should try it at some point.

Naturally my camera died when I got to Sicily and her's broke in Cefalu. We bought a disposable and if the film ever gets back I will post some pictures. Unfortunately, I have no evidence that I made it up a mountain and claimed the dizzy air, but at least I have a witness.

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  1. Sounds fabulous!!!! Love you!!!

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