Back, just barely

Never, ever decide to make a 14-hour train trip the day before you are giving orientation to students and you don't have a sleeper car. Seems obvious, yes, but I rolled into Firenze from Sicily with an hour and a half before meeting the 70 newbies trolloping through for Summer semester. (And of course I missed a train somewhere along the way.)
Beyond sleep deprevation and hunger, I had a wonderful time in Rome and Sicily and will try to share something substantial (or at least some pictures) with you all. But for now, brain break is needed and there is work to be done.

I will say, pulling into the Santa Maria Novella train station felt like coming home after being away from my city for almost a week. August may come too soon. Oh, and I have a tan. Spring rapidly moves into warmth and sunshine.  

2 responses to “Back, just barely

  1. I can’t wait to hear about Sicily! That’s where my peeps are from…

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