Venice pictures — revisit

Some more pics for your viewing pleasure . . .

lamp and building Canal Museum Repition in center San Marco San Marco Shadow water scene

6 responses to “Venice pictures — revisit

  1. Funny, we were at the same place at the same time, nearly side by side and our photos are so different. That’s fantastic. As are your images. Our visual adventure. Can I come back now?

  2. me too…..

  3. Five minutes ago, I finished writing the annotation for a picture book set in Venice. Talk about a coincidence! Great photos — you really have a good eye.

    Back to my own subtle clicking of industry.

  4. coincidence —- maybe, maybe not. perhaps the universal consciousness is trying to tell you something (like you deserve a vacation) . . .
    thanks though! and everyone should come. it is hot now and touristy, but lovely — too lovely to leave.

  5. I love the angles, the approaches to the architecture. These are great pictures; I’m envious that you’re there, in the middle of such history.

  6. thebestuknown

    best pictures i really want to move to venice now!

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