Communication breakdown

I deleted most of what I've written. Sorry for the vagaries, but the details are, for lack of a better word, complicated.

Just know this, for a girl who has always been just one of the guys — learning how to be myself without a firm grasp on the language without misleading, misunderstanding and complete chaos is very difficult.

Back to listening to the language course. Going to take the Italian class here everyday NO MATTER WHAT.

Never again do I want to hurt someone's feelings because I can't communicate. But I'm not willing yet to succumb to complete remove.

2 responses to “Communication breakdown

  1. Huh?

    But Kudos for commitment to learning the language. I just tlked to you Dad and he said, “I told her, you’ll come away with this with a lot of memeories and a new langauge.” Make the most of the time you have left. And we love you! All of us.

  2. Dear Julia…

    It’s Cathy Yu from College of Information @ FSU! How are you doing? I am so glad Bob Branciforte gave me the link to your blog!!!!! Just want to say hi and get back in touch with you. As I am not sure which email address you are currently using, could you please email me so that I can email some stuff (hint: you know where to find me on CI website)! Enjoy your stay and everything life and faith brings to you there! Miss you very much!!!


    Cathy ^_^

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