the subtle clicking of industry

So, this week is the next to last week of my first semester here, and 12 hour days are spent listening to the sound of students diligently (at last) typing up their papers, journals, exams. I'm reminded of the modern day equivalent of a scene from Good Night, and Good Luck where all the reporters are meeting deadline and the constant click of typewriters. A sound I must admit to missing — typewriters seem more zealous in their effort. Luckily, my extended work time has the benefit of the study center's courtyard where an ancient wisteria vine is finally blooming. So for a break from such industry, I just walk downstairs or look out the library window. All of these months without a tree and I finally get a vine that may surpass them all. Italy in the Spring — a unique reward. I wish I could send you all a moment. At some point I'll post a picture of the vine.

By the way, speaking of industry, congratulations to Eric who is going to walk the noble path of librarianship this Fall in Champagne-Urbana (with a great assistantship). Bravo and you rock! 

If you want to read more on sin (with great pictures) Shelby will be going into detail and posting photos from her trip. Eventually I'll get around to posting mine, but work will not wait today.

2 responses to “the subtle clicking of industry

  1. Thanks for the plug. I will get write on it the Wrath entry. Yes, please take a picture of the wisteria vine, having left before it was in full flourish. The wisteria here is the epitome of southern voraciousness. The woods are heavy with purple blossoms and fragrance.

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