Redemption, I hope

After a week of exploring the 7 deadly sins, I have to admit that I was ready for it all to stop. Dante explores the depths of The Inferno for a reason. For those of you wondering, so did I (and Shelby too). It is not just for debauchery and fun (well, perhaps slightly at first) but with me there is always a chance to seek meaning — at least symbolic meaning. And I did. I will not share everything I learned here, but I do want to say life is best lived honestly. Honesty with yourself and gentle honesty with others. Not something I didn’t know, but perhaps something I needed reminding of.

And everyone should think of rewriting the sins. A modern day version is needed. It occurred to me that carelessness is not one of them. It needs to be. Carelessness of action, thoughtless expressions — it isn’t that we should try to control everything we do; rather we just should think about it first.

The good thing, beyond new knowledge and a fantastic week with Shelby in Florence, Fiesole, Venice and Rome (more on all of those later) is that it is over. The seven deadlies are behind me and I feel like I am better for it. Sure, I’ll commit a few as I go along, but now I’ll be more aware of their impact.

3 responses to “Redemption, I hope

  1. Glad you’ve emerged from the deadlies. Talk to you soon.

  2. Thank goodness you survived and still have your good judgement and wit intact! I had visions of lust involving a guy with body piercing and a Harley. I prayed that gluttoney would not involve too much wine. And I worried that a scooter in Rome might hit you or that the Pope might shun you. You didn’t meet him did you?

  3. Yes, surviving feels good. No, I did not meet the Pope. It was Palm Sunday when we left and I suspect he was busy.

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