Without words

Shelby is visiting this week and in keeping of our theme of the 7 Deadly Sins, we decided to play a game of poker (yesterday was Greed). Having no coins to use, I developed a new betting system. We bet the use of a word for a day (no articles though). So, I would start with a word like "nail" and the bets grew from that. We thought we were being so clever.

Until losing happened. She lost the use of the word damn (which she uses constantly — what was she thinking betting that?). I lost words I had no idea how important they were until they were gone. I think parting with money would be easier. And today, I can't even write those words. If we do use them, a Euro charge is applied.

But it really makes you think about what is important in expressing yourself. Not just that, but the words that define what we do throughout the day. Imagine if I had bet the word "book" or "due". What word could you not live without? While playing, I considered each bet made. I lost the color of the morning sky, an exuberant expression, a few nouns and one word that I doubt I'll make it without. Gambling away language . . . losing communication . . . very tricky business . . . and I am certain Shelby will think twice before she bluffs again.

Luckily I didn't lose the word happy. So now I can say, "Happy Birthday Dad", enjoy the day, the warmth and the full use of your language. And since today is Envy, I must say I'm jealous of anyone who gets to spend the day with you.

3 responses to “Without words

  1. why my bro thought that you and I should know each other. This sounds like my kind of game – and the kidn of thing that a word-nut like me might think of.

    Your journal is wonderful and makes me feel like I am breathing Italian air. Which is remarkable considering that I’ve never been.


  2. Your post made your Dad “happier” than the super burrito that Duncan bought him in Dothan, the chocolate cake that we shared with the members of the Walton County DEC ( monthly meeting tonight) It even made him happier than the fact the Florida Gators just won the National Basketball Championship. They beat UCLA by I think 14 points. Your words just WOW us. What is tommorrows sin??

  3. What word would I miss the most? Something to think about today. Thank you for the lovely pictures of Italy. I lived there as a child and ache for it always.

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