Dancing, drinking, talking, walking

Those words pretty much say it all. Mendy was here and pubs visited, late night dance clubs found. Ah, the beauty of the night. And the lively accoutrements that surround dark hours. When I do leave, I think I'll shed a tear or two over the loss of food and wine. I'd stay for the food and wine.

Beyond the night life, we did what I do in the spare time of weekends. Walk the day away and say wow a lot. We took a taxi up to the Piazza de Michelangelo (that has a nice view and a fake David) and then slowly wound down the hill into the Oltarno neighborhoods. Cameras. Water. Strategy. I was beginning to forget what it felt like to be a tourist here. Then the shopping; I was in need of a light jacket. Mendy convinced me to not buy the 300 euro one. An argument I was glad she won when I found one for almost as good for 49.

But the conversations won the prize of the weekend. Mendy has been a long time friend and the visit reminded me of what I love about the states — friends and family. Everyone of my close friends are so different — from the world and from each other it is easy to revel in the myriad perspectives. Sometimes I wish I could write the story of my friendships; but perhaps that is one story best appreciated in life and off of paper.

3 responses to “Dancing, drinking, talking, walking

  1. As one who is in the process of putting the story on paper I have to say write! Yesterday I brought a journal for my trip to Italy. I plan to write every story, commit all the sins to paper, document to wonder of the adventure!Wrote more last night but need to give my audience a break I think. We’ll see where the day takes me. I am begining to think a month with you would be a wise decision!

    baci baci baci

  2. I had such a wonderful time Jules! I’d go exploring with you anytime! What a city! With around every turn there is something to inspire regardless of being the art, architecture, or just the people surrounding you. I think we get so familiar with the cities we live in that we forget to take time to be that tourist with open eyes looking at everything as if it was the first time. So much has changed here in Atlanta and even though I have lived here all my life I feel that I have missed some of those wide-eyed opportunities by just rushing on with my “normal” life. I think realization is the first step so watch out ATL the pig-tailed tourist is back!
    PS…thanks for bringing this little giddy girl with pig-tails back to life!

  3. Dear Girls with pens, I agree all of you should write your adventures on paper. If you recount any stories about me; take out the cuss words and tell the funny part. Certain of your stories need to be told under a pen name; however, they would be welcome at the book stores in the alleys,,, and if put to screen you will make a fortune!!!!!

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