That sinking feeling . . .


Well, I should say that the color and texture is what stands out the most. But beyond that there is this wobbling sensation as you walk along that makes you feel like you are still on water. A gentle sway illuminating and pulling the pathway before you. It is easy to lose your head. I didn’t, but I knew I entered a realm of magical realism. Maybe because it is all soon lost, who knows, but space and time remained undefined for me there. No street names, no direction, no clocks — our normal controls seem to have seeped into blue.

Due to the numerous pictures, I’m just putting up a few. Still getting used to a digital and taking the real camera back.

Venice alleyVenice AlleytexturewindowsVenice Canal

2 responses to “That sinking feeling . . .

  1. Lovely, Jules.

  2. wow…i really dig your pictures. very nice indeed. berto.

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