The sparkling, yellow, green, russett, choral, pink, blueness of it all.
It may be the best thing yet (except The Pieta). I ate crostini with gorgonzola, almond slivers and honey and knew the potential in everything. The alleyways, the light, the art, the complete bizarreness of it all. Canals and a city sinking. Not just any city, Venice. Forever life and light and color to me.

Someone said that it could be underwater in 30 years. If you haven’t been, go. Pictures and more at some point, just not today. I’m enjoying the afterglow.

4 responses to “Venice

  1. Under water in 30 years?!?! You must do something! We can’t let San Marco drown–it would be just too much of a shame. But then again, won’t it be fun to be an archaeologist in 100 years?

    Still working on the tree pictures.

    Hope all’s well!

  2. Tree pics, I have them in my mind. Maybe a tree painting? I know, I ask too much.
    No internet. Big sighs. Occasionally I’m borrowing other computers around the city (bandit like) but will communicate further as soon as it is fixed.

  3. Hi Julia,

    Bob Branciforte just mentioned to me that you have a blog and emailed to me. So I am taking a visit here to tell you what a lovly site and stories you have here! Miss you a lot and hope you are enjoying the experience to the fullest! Take care!

  4. Cathy!! That is the joy of the blog, people I’ve not heard from eventually come around. Email me soon.

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