So, once again, I am left doubting the parenting skills of very intelligent people. While the parents of the “absolutely fabulous” (her words, not mine) Ms. Zoë were at the Uffizi browsing art, Z and I ate 1 1/4 oranges. Now, I know on this very space I have praised the magic of the Italian fruits and veggies, but the adult faction of the Howard-Barr family kept telling me Zoë would not eat fruit. Yet, she sat right down next to me and gulped it down like there was nothing on earth she wanted more than a blood orange. “Yummy”, well said little one. This is why we grow up and stop listening to our parents. They never really hear our needs. 🙂

Let this be a lesson to us all. Open your minds to what you don’t percieve. It’s all about negative space, silent pauses and between the lines.

Do I have to explain how much fun I had with the L, D, and Z team? Life rewards us with long-lasting friendships. Laughter, comraderie, honest appreciation of another human being and love all weave together to create a very strong bond (and even allow me to forgive Darryl of his Englishness and Lori of her serious caffeine addiction in the morning). Of course, there were tears (and not just from the wee one) when they left for London this morning. Hellos are much better than goodbyes. But I’m inspired to try to be more like Zoë and enjoy whatever new the day brings while breaking a few perceptions of who I am and what I like.

7 responses to “Yummy

  1. Pictures will happen when I finish the disk. I don’t want to waste disk space.

  2. Zoe has one thing in common with her godmother, she knows how to make her mother seem less informed about her taste. I remember a little Julia that would eat squash at her grandmother’s after the “all knowing mother” had told the grandmother that she didn’t eat squash. It happened with asparagus and pomegranet (mispelled) as well. That is the beauty of independant little girls! No more tears though!!

  3. Lovely, lovely, lovely…I thought about you all all weekend. I am making tomato basil risotto for dinner in rememberance of our time in Florence. Love you!

  4. I’m with Sandra on this one: we always eat stuff other places we don’t eat at home . . . home is about power plays and little Z was showing her parents who was boss . . . with you, it was commeraderie . . . what fun . . .

  5. Of course you side with Sandra! Such a mom.

  6. Thanks, Will – i feel like you’ve stuck up for me. And Jules, i did mention that we offer the wee one fruit, didn’t i?

    Back in London she ate lots of pineapple and a miniscule amount of plum and pear. And now that we’re at home, i’ve only gotten her to eat cheese quesadilla and waffle. As usual, she’ll do what most pleases her.

    Okay, way too much time discussing Z’s diet on your blog.

    (P.S. Loved Florence, loved the snow-covered Tuscan countryside, loved the pear-caramel gelato, and, especially, loved spending some time with you.)

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