March showers

I know it is supposed to be April showers, but clearly that applies only to other countries. What is so strange is that I am so far removed from the natural cycle in this stone city that though the heavens are opening up and pouring forth, cleansing the grime of winter away, I can not write. There is a hollow, dry space in my creative landscape that will not yeild anything. Nothing. I have no idea what caused it, usually when lonliness, depression or other dark spots in the psyche begin to show, that is when I am most productive. Not now.

However, I do feel inspired to do other things. There is a terraced green hill on the other side of the Arno that I can see from Via da Benci. It looks like a jewel sitting up there emitting the future of Spring. Everytime I see it, I just want to roll down it. Tumble down bruised and grass stained, loving the touch of the earth. To be 6 and experience the momentum of a good hill—body spinning almost out of control, stopping too soon, breathless, itchy, wanting to do it again. Wouldn’t it be nice to send the inner child out, clear a path and watch her play? I’ll let you know if I succeed.

Speaking of children. I get to see my god-daughter today! And of course my darling and dear friend Lori, as well as the English evil genius Darryl. Very exciting — I’m sure you will all have to suffer through pictures soon!

4 responses to “March showers

  1. Julia!!!!! The most exciting dicovery this morning. This will so make you happy. Click on my name above.

  2. I knew that I should not have allowed you and Duncan to roll down the hills in Grant Park like two squirrels. Do you remember the rashes,, and you do not have any benedyl liquid over there. Promise not to let Zoe roll down the hill with you. Lori buys very cute clothes for her and grass stain does not remove easily. We gave a bunch of Polly Flander dresses to the Care and Share bin that still had green on the elbows. Not so cool on lavender.

  3. Your pictures are really great, Julia. You can probably guess my favorite one. (That reminds me, I have to trim my cats’ claws tomorrow.) And super writing about the inner child. Tonight, my inner child will either go to a smoky pool hall. Or go bowling.

    American thoughts your way. How was Brokeback? (If you feel like writing about it.)

    General Nuttykins

  4. Brokeback was good, but . . . well, not as fantastic as I thought it would be. And though I think they did love each other, sex seemed more of an intense outlet for their deeply felt friendship. I don’t know, I hesitate to post anything else and tick off the Brokeback fans. It was a really lovely movie. It was also a beautiful love story. I left hollowed out, but feeling that it could have been THE love story.
    Needless to say, I’m very happy that Philip Seymour Hoffman won for his acting in Capote. He is devine.
    The good thing about having catlovers for friends is that i can always appease them with an occasional cat pic. If you had seen how that cat was propped on the bookshelf, you would have been amazed.

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