No Geek Needed

In spite of the misgivings of friends, I managed to overcome my own technical difficulties. Here are some pictures of Boboli Gardens, friends, Florence, etc. I was going to create a page, but why?

Boboli GardensGreens at BoboliBoboli GardensCat at Boboli Bookstore

PiazzadellaRepubblicaFlorence view from BoboliLights along AlbiziWell rubbed pig


3 responses to “No Geek Needed

  1. I love the sleeping cat in book shop. He looks so warm, and it captured two of your favorite things cats and books. Stafford and Kristen look great. But your beauty overwhelms me the most. The beauty of your words, your face, and your soul. Your father and I could not be prouder. On the bus ride to Pisa the red buds were coming out and little flowers were popping out of the earth. So sping will soon be there!!

  2. I think these need captions. Perhaps a caption contest from your readers. We need Miche to show us how to do that on a blog.

  3. Jules these are wonderful pics! I remembered Stafford as soon as I saw him but where are the pics of Mrs. Sandra and Mr. Ray??? Love the “hog”!!!

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