Technology and the great divide

So, I have lovely pictures of Boboli Gardens and other stuff, but the fantastic new camera I received for my birthday is not really letting me access the pictures. I’m working on it. But may I just say, sharing should be easier than this. And while I’m at it, I’m sick of the cold!

Send warm, American thoughts my way. Well, American without all of the bad American stuff (and those that know me, know what I mean.) Going to see Brokeback Mountain tonight in an attempt to distract my pensive mind.

2 responses to “Technology and the great divide

  1. Why are we not surprised that you are having technical diffuculties. Oh my love, poor girl. You so need a geek. Can’t any of the pretty young boys around there come to your aid? (I am in so much trouble for this post, aren’t I)

  2. Trouble, dear, dear Shelby. What on earth could you mean? (laughing diabolically in my mind)

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