Abandoning any hope of composition in this chaos . . .

For those of you that have been keeping up, I really enjoyed my Aquarian Brezsnyscope this week. And yes, I totally agree with him about reality. And I thought it oddly true of yesterday and today.

This morning I had to get up much earlier for the lovely procrastination of the students furiously typing up bibliography pages 5 minutes before deadline. This allowed me to see BLUE. Like really nice after dawn yesterday rain washed complimenting cathedral peak BLUE. Agreeing with most of the world, the spirit behind blue is worth the lack of sleep. Water and sky and all the mirroring therein. Blue.

And since pigeons didn’t manage to wake me, I was reminded by my radio that I still haven’t found what I’m looking for. Thankfully, because imagine the gaping hole of nothingness inherent in satiation — beyond the feeling of accomplishment. What would I do with myself without the constant quest and struggle for meaning? Sleep more . . . and hope for a dream? 

Oh, and the parents are coming. And spring break is next week. That means I may dissappear for awhile but I’ll be back. And I’ll be here tomorrow, so . . . ciao.

3 responses to “Random

  1. Did I ever tell you that each time I see a train slowly rolling along its track I am seized by the overwhelming urge to jump aboard and ride the rail to where ever it wants to take me?

  2. Wow, not only is that random, it is also a great example of the growing trend of hobo-envy. Hobo-envy courses through my veins as well.
    I’m going to continue the randomness with my desire to smash all flourescent lightbulbs. I don’t care if they are energy efficient, they make my eyes and head hurt.

  3. Shelby and Julia !. Do not jump on the rails and I promise I will buy all my girls a Euro pass at the end of Julia’s internship. I love train rides! Hobo and wanderlust are common in your mid thirties. In 1970 your Dad and I watched a made for TV movie one night about a hippie girl impacting an older 60ish widower on a farm in the midwest. At the end we were both saying “jump in her flower covered VW van and be free”. But he dutifully stayed on the farm. He was happy that she had taught him to laugh again. We both cried!! And thought of selling everything and buying a van. But we regained our senses So girls you deserve a seat, none of this hobo talk! I do understand you however!!!!!

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