Maybe I need sleep, or to stop reading Kierkegaard at night, but I’ve entered this extra strange state.

This week is mid-term week, for those of you not familiar with working in academic libraries, this is the equivalent of accountants on April 14th. I’ve extended the hours at the library and still need a cattle prod to get the students out at night. All of this is not really my way of eliciting sympathy, every working stiff has their moments, but just as an explanation for my current state of mind.

Life is completely surreal and mundane. I can’t explain the contradiction but I think it has something to do with living a normal life in a strange land. I’m doing all of the stuff I normally do . . . go to work, answer questions, find a book, deal with faculty . . . then I take lunch and try to escape the Duomo’s presence. You can’t in some parts of town. Everywhere you look, there it is. And the language, I hear everything lately and way too much English. Tourists are beginning to get in my way with their picture taking and ahhing and then I look at what they are enthralled with and am blown away. Of course they are standing there taking pictures. I feel like the idiot that is slowly forgetting to keep my eyes open. Now I’m wondering everything I missed in my life at home. Habit breeds blindness.

I want it to stop.

5 responses to “discombobulated

  1. Tallahassee’s version of the Duomo is, of course, the lovely capital building-you can’t escape it. Maybe a dome should be added to….nah. 🙂

  2. But it has the two small domes. Are you suggesting they make them larger? I mean, when you think about who your governor is I can’t believe he hasn’t had them out there constucting enormous flanking domes. Or is he worried that would make the building look smaller in comparison?

  3. I think a visual in required for those who haven’t visited the Sunshine State Capital.

  4. Oh my, the Florida Capital Building. How could I forget. I guess that is the Duomo of Tally. For those who really want to know, and haven’t seen it: http://www.coyoteblog.com/photos/uncategorized/capital_2.jpg
    sorry about the random URL.
    very funny girls . . .

  5. Have a child and your eyes will be opened again to the everyday wonders around you. However, overseas travel might be cheaper.

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