Kitchen Window—Morning

Usually, before the alarm, the cooing of pigeons wakes me. I appreciate their soft murmur prodding me into consciousness. By the time I shower, and make coffee the day feels almost complete in its beginning, but my final act, cup in hand is to open the kitchen window. I tell myself it is to check the weather, but really it is just a way to let the outside world mend its way to me before the door.

So today my window tells me it is raining. The moss growing on the red tile looks greener. The square, rectangle, and arch of the neighboring windows look honestly irregular in their random patchwork. Rain means it is warmer — those clouds holding heat in. Funny how it cools in the summer—it does so much. What the window does not say, but I should have known, is what else the day would bring — news of death, news of life — and from this distance, all I can do is write. A reaction of words only. And so I do. The large cycle continues and a small day starts.

To the composer celebrating another year lived, relish whatever this day brings. Make it honest and yours. And to friends in grief and joy, all my love.


5 responses to “Kitchen Window—Morning

  1. Thank you. I will indeed relish. It’s beautiful to see that February 16th magic – magic that I know all too well – inspire such a pensive and poetic blog entry. I am very glad to be a part of your particularly dreamy musings today! (No smirk)

  2. Windows have always inspired you, remember your stone windows of Mentone, they inspired a poem. Also your windows in your second story turret bedroom ( three of them nine over nine I believe) and wavy cloudy one hundred old year glass that you refused to allow Dad to replace the two cracked panes. And then there are the jaloused windows in Granny’s kitchen that Dad had to call Peachtree Windows and cancel the order for the replacement (modern windows) because you remembered sitting there with the summer breeze coming through. I am so happy that you made that call. I enjoy those breezes too.

  3. What a beautiful post! Your blog is a wonderful “window” on your life in Italy for us.

  4. Though I feel intrusive in a seeming filial menage, the site was suggested by; Sandra. I’ve mended, wended, through the pages, and enjoyed them very much. Mirabile

  5. Thanks all and yes, it was a magical day. K. Dolega, I always welcome new voices!

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