Back-up Tango Rose

There was a sudden realization Saturday night of Florence being a city that beckons one to have a back-up tango rose. Now, I realize most of us do not have a tango rose to begin with, and to be perfectly honest, I normally do not either. But there is a little cafe I go into where occasionally an aging dottore (doc) likes to have an impromptu tango. I can’t really tango, but you know how I love to dance, so I try to oblige. But I am humbled by the best performances involving the rotund cafe owner and the dottore in a passionate, if not awkward, tango. The two men give the look, music plays, and hilarity follows. 

Late nights can be like that, thus the back-up tango rose. 

My rose, a lovely pink, was purchased for me by some friendly natives at Angie’s Irish Pub. I’m sending a virtual one to Mark F. who I believe is celebrating a birthday today. And to the rest of you, go out and find your back-up tango rose and dance with abandon (even if it is just in spirit).

3 responses to “Back-up Tango Rose

  1. Tomorrow is my Mom’s 60th birthday! Happy Birthday Mom! Her gift this year is dance lessons. So here’s to the tango! May passions ignite!

  2. Thank goodness you are back where there are roses, tangos laughter and dancing men. Avoid palaces until spring. Even though Danni Tructman dubbed you “the princess of Cameron Street” when you were seven, you are a summer princess. So frequent the small cafe’s during winter. Dance, dance, dance!

  3. Thank you so much for the rose! It was the only gift given to me on my birthday, besides the conversation of friends. (Yes, I didn’t even talk to blood family on my birthday, though my brother in law is close.)

    My birthday was spent studying for a test, which was taken 1 hour ago. Now I can relax for a few, sit back, and take in a beautiful rose.

    Thank you. 🙂


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