Limoncello: a haiku

LimoncelloMy throat and mind meet

Yellow sour liquid sweet 

Inhibition flies away . . . 

OK, so it’s bad haiku. And for what it is worth, I was warned about the dangerous effects of Limoncello. I even followed the advice to some extent; I only had one (!) admittedly after several (no several) glasses of wine. Wow, or, as the nice coffee shop man who later got to hear portions of my life story and teach me much needed Italian profanity, would say “Ai, yiy, yiy, yiy”. I can still hear the laughter of our merry troop as we jumbled, bumbled down the street.   

Beware small glasses 

of after-dinner golden 

free aperitifs . . .    I’ll stop torturing you now.    

10 responses to “Limoncello: a haiku

  1. sounds dee-licious (without the wine). sorry ’bout the headache.

  2. I love that you turned this into a haiku moment.

  3. Sounds like fun!….except for the headache of course. As I recall of my brief Italian experience, everything should follow a glass, or two, or three of wine 🙂

  4. Oh, the headache is long gone! And honestly, it was really just good, clean (except for the cussing) fun. It’s been my experience the headache is what keeps me from doing that too often, so bravo for that. And yes, Shane, in Italy the wine flows and life follows.

  5. If you’re in Venice, there’s an after dinner drink (grappina??) that’s a mixture of wine, vodka, and lemon sorbeto. supposed to be divine.

  6. AAaaaaahhhhhhhh . . . . Venice!

  7. Sounds devine! I think I will have a grappina. Did you forget to drink lots of water before going to bed? Twelve days and counting can’t wait to see you..

  8. For many, many years, my favorite drink has been Campari and soda with a twist. And I found it auspicious that when I first met Danielle it was her drink as well. Since you are in Campari World, I highly recommend that you give it a try (if you haven’t already… it’s hard to imagine Italy without Campari everywhere).

  9. Grappina and campari, I’ll be sure to try both at some point.
    Thanks for the future headache 😉

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