Love post

I’m happy alone. Some people may not believe me, but I consider my life more than full with family and friends. It’s not that I’m a cynic or have given up on love, it’s just that I don’t need it.

Having said that, today is my parents’ 40th anniversary. I look at their marriage and see all of the shortcomings, I’ve witnessed many of the battles, the powerplays. The wars have been long, loud, frequent. (I hope they don’t mind me saying that.) And after about 35 years, they began to master compromise, strategy and turning a deaf ear. But throughout it all, they have had borderline illegal fun. Laughter is a given. Humor is a necessity. Risk and challenge are their daily bread. They have lived a life of diamonds — brilliant, hard, invaluable.

And so today is for them. And for all lovers out there, new and old. Burn bright and savor. May you all be as happy as me.

5 responses to “Love post

  1. Thanks Julia…

    Happy 2-month aniversary Michelle….and here’s to a 100,000,000 more…..See you on Sunday….Love Shane

  2. Cheers to Ray and Sandra! 40 years! I hope that my best days in some future imagined marriage equals the mediocre of yours. My adoration of you as individuals goes without saying, but today on this momentous occasion let me raise a glass to the beautiful life the two of you have created. And a special toast to the fruits of your marriage, Julia and Duncan. I am so grateful to be an adopted member of your family.

  3. Dearest Julia and all my extended and adopted family!
    Ray and I are blissfully happy and somewhat surprised that we can celebrate this day. The panhandlle part of Ray’s family made bets when they met me, on how long Ray would tolerate such a brassy “outspoken” woman. The longest standing bet was from Johnny Hugh: his estimate was six weeks. We beat their odds! You captured the essence of our forty years of partnership with the word “compromise” . Laughter and humor also helped. The diamonds (from jewelry store) have been somewhat scarce. But the richness of our princess’s words are PRICELESS. Thanks!

  4. Happy Anniversary Ray and Sandra…….May Michelle and I live, laugh and love to your example.

  5. Ray and Sandra,

    Happy Anniversary. Kudos to you both for your love and compromise! Here’s to old and new loves!
    Love you,

    To Julia for celebrating her parents!

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