Not the mountains before us, but the pebbles in our beds

Just in case any of you feel like I’m living a perfect life over here, there are a few things you should know (among them being there is no such thing as perfection). First, I hate my mattress. It’s not that I don’t like it, it is just that I have finally encountered an entity for which I can find no redeeming factor and I think that it should die a slow, agonizing mattress death. It feels like I am sleeping on stones and it creaks if I so much as move a pinky toe. Apparently, this is normal here. Rented apartments are notorious for having bad beds and couches (I’m not even going to mention the couch!) So most of my nights I spend, tossing, turning, cursing, contemplating throwing the whole contraption out the window, etc. And my complaints have earned me the nickname of “the princess and the pea.”

And then there are the trees. Or lack of them. There are none. None. Well, if you go across the Arno there are some. But on my side of the river, Florence is a city of stone. And I love trees. Trees are the ambassadors of Tallahassee (and a lot of other places in the South). So please, all of you, go out and breathe in the pines; observe the daytime night garb of Spanish moss in live oak, the grass, the gaudy greenery of it all. Then go sleep on what I hope is an inviting bed, nustle into the soft down of your dreams and love where you are at. 

9 responses to “Not the mountains before us, but the pebbles in our beds

  1. Hi, Princess. Have you started to look around for a new mattress? Are they prohibitively priced? Might be time to pull out the plastic.

    Atlanta has it’s many faults, but lack of trees isn’t one of ’em. Even in January it’s lush, esp. in a wacky warm rainy winter like this one. Schedule some park time, Jules.
    love you,

  2. Well, the landlord had been notified of my sleeplessness. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. And yes, park (or Boboli garden) time is in order.

  3. By wishing it a slow agonizing mattress death you’ve probably jinxed yourself……….it is slowly dying ……….in your apartment. Send it and the sofa speedy rest in peace thoughts.
    Also, there is nothing wrong with being a princess. For some of us it is a natural state of self and mind.
    As for the trees…….would you like me to have K take some photos of them and mail them to you? I would offer to send them via the internet, but lets be honest, that would totally be pushing the bounds of my computer knowledge. I’ll stick with the post office.

  4. The flowering trees are starting to bloom in Tallahassee. It won’t be long until our prodigious pollen season begins-maybe this will be a break from your allergies. Just think of the kitties with their little green heads. Can’t wait to see Boboli Gardens!

  5. You were marked as Princess long ago. But you have mny every sympathy. Being the Queen of Comfort myself, I really appreciate my cozy bed. But I wil soak up some extra love in the bed time before I have to suffer the tourtures of your couch. So sorry sweets.

  6. You forgot to mention the horrendous shower, or as I like to call it: “the trickle.”

  7. After reading both your blogs, I think it’s necessary for the two of you to meet. So I’m going to introduce you. So, Bibliotecaria, meet Zauditu. Zauditu, meet Bibliotecaria. Z is my sister. B is a friend who is in Italy right now.

    Cheers to both!

  8. Re: the mattress, have you tried getting one of those foam eggshell thingies (excuse the technical jargon)? They can do wonders for crummy bedding. I’ve spent enough years at summer camps to know…

    Re: Perfection. My parents always told me that nothing is perfect. But I’d have thought Italian food was at least!! 🙂

    Re; Trees. I can really relate. There are many things that, despite the inevitability, make me think twice about leaving Tallahassee, and that’s high on the list (especially given the places I’d be going) I’ll go out to lichgate and send lovely tree thoughts your way. I’d be happy to send you tree pictures if it would help!

  9. Eric, tree thoughts were well-recieved. I found a few trees not too far from Santa Croce. And have thought about the eggshell thingie, but haven’t seen one.

    Aimee–the trickle seems to have gained a new found appreciation for life and now has some umph to it. I try not to think of it as the trickle in case it reads my mind and slips back into bad behavior.

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