Quando a la Roma

Pointless, really. I’m confronting an impossible task trying to articulate Rome to you. I’ll try, but this may have to come in stages. Actually, maybe it’s best to do it this way . . . the Forum — rain, history crumbling at your feet and rising above to the sky meeting balloon pines. Cypress lined walk in shadow and damp to Coliseum filled with arches and hateful, animal rot past. Mental exhaustion.

Collapse on hotel mattress, balcony outside a stage for tiled rooftops ascending, climbing, trying to reach the seagulls (paper white thoughts at night) flying up, up, up. Rest, food (the best — do I keep saying that?), wine, 50 twenty-year-olds singing “Happy Birthday” in the candlelight, fountains (the Four Rivers, Trevi) at night reflecting, reflection, wishing. More wine, talk, walk, sleep. Sleep.

Turn 35 looking up at the Sistine Chapel. Can’t see it all — the color, the time, the effort. I want more space between God and Adam. I want to see the space but my eyes aren’t large enough. I want to touch Raphael’s version of Michelangelo in the School of Athens. Want, want, want, until the Pieta. Satisfaction. Michelangelo’s sculpture takes my breath away. But the sadness and love and fear and tenderness of marble; how? I’m ashamed for not trying harder at the same time overwhelmed anyone could do that.  

There is more, but I’ll leave it at that, for now.


6 responses to “Quando a la Roma

  1. My friend Jay gave me the Top Ten Rome as a parting gift. I think Michelle probably already has it, but still a sweet gesture. I can’t wait to go back to Rome with you and see all that and more. Venice? Ahhhhh . . . .

  2. Excellent!

  3. Reading your post, I felt like I was back in Rome…Thanks!

  4. Thanks Shane and Miche, I naturally thought of the 2 of you spending your honeymoon there and realized how special and magical that must have been. There was something so sparkling marble white about the place that a new beginning seems appropriate.
    Yes Shelby, Miche left me her top 10 Rome so don’t bother packing it. And Venice is only 2 hours by train from here. 😉

  5. I will send the Venice top 10 with Shelby so you will have it too!

  6. I just love your vision is writing. I have enjoyed it much. Have fun even if you cannot rest well!

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