Dark out now

Today is my god-daughters birthday and I feel very far away. Other small, beautiful occurences of the day have brought me to this place that is in partial night. First, my friend Shelby’s blog mentioned epitaphs and that always has me thinking. Especially here, where there are so many memorable dead. Their tombs were designed by the likes of Michelangelo and Donatello, death was truly meant to leave an impression on the living. That was the first shadow, but a lovely one.

In another friend’s blog he mentioned PostSecret and one of the cards being about tearing down walls. It was beautiful how he realized that not only does he have to deal with those with walls, but he puts them up himself. And who of us doesn’t? More importantly, why do we? And so that is where I’m at now. Wondering about the past and how many people I kept out with a wall of my own. Hoping that the future will leave me open to these lessons and that I’ll stop. Understanding the lovely, beautiful people out there with walls and realizing that I can’t knock them down and why should I? That is up to them. Maybe they still need them.

So it’s dark out now in Florence. Beautiful, mysterious, luminous, lovely dark. The natural place for my thoughts today. And I think the chocolate festival lasts until midnight . . . hmmm . . . chocolate and soul searching. Dolci vita.

3 responses to “Dark out now

  1. Miss Julia…. your blog leaves me breathless on a daily basis. I’m sitting here in the Goldstein looking out onto what has become a beautiful Florida winter afternoon — sunny and 70ish — and yet can smell and feel Florence like I were there…. sitting with you sharing a glass of wine. Thank you so much for sharing with us all, and allowing me to vicariously return to a place that I fully intend to spend much more time immersing myself… ciao my friend 🙂

  2. Dearest Daughter,
    Dad and I spent the last two days in a real estate course learning 1031 exchanges which help you sell property and defer or sometimes avoid paying taxes. Sounds dry, but it was actually exciting! Regarding darkness, we came into Defuniak Springs as night was falling and I felt sad until we made our nightly trek to the Bob’s sunny little house (we now call it Bob’s house instead of Duncan’s). They were so glad to see me and they were very playful (they have new toy’s that involve rolling balls with jingle bells inside). Whte Bob tried to outdo Black Bob catching them, then he rolled them under their favorite blue chair. It became the “watch Gamma retrieve them” game. The evening church bells were ringing, the Bobs curled up on the futon to listen to the end of Lou Dobbs with me, and suddenly I was no longer sad. So walls and dark evenings disappear with the help of your furry little critters. Have a sunny morning, and I will give Zoe a belated birthday call tomorrow. I talked with Mendy this evening (another sunny event) and she said Zachery had his first birthday last week. All the toddlers, furry critters, and old folks are doing well. Duncan left Palm Springs and on his way to L.A. sends his love, as do we!

  3. Collette, I must say I’m a tad jealous of the 70 degree weather! Though I’ll take all this cold stone over warm Florida for now. I wish you were here having a glass of wine, but knowing that there are some of you out there sharing this with me makes distance seem like a concept more than a reality.

    And mom, oh the Bobs, bless their furry little bulbous bodies. Thanks for the update and the sunny connections. I hear Gandalf is still very noisy, but SkunkApe is being her typical kitty ambassador self and trying to tear down some of Mitzi’s walls.

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