Ciao, amore

So I finally went out and really socialized last Friday night. The photography / art teacher, Angie, helped me go on a rather unorthodox bar tour of Florence. Really, we only went to 4, but it felt like more. For happy hour, the bars put out a spread of food and you just eat whatever you want, free of charge (love that concept). One of the things I find endearing, in a rather frightening way, is how forward the men are. Young men walk up and blow kisses, give a little “ciao, amore” shout out — it’s rather amusing and I can’t help but wonder if it has ever worked for any of them. Of course, several of them are attractive, so probably. One place in particular was a blast — men were trying to teach me some kind of card game, people were buying us champagne, good clean fun all in all. Although, I must say, walking on cobblestones after wine and champagne is tricky business.

9 responses to “Ciao, amore

  1. SHould I dye my hair blond for the trip? I wonder how many Ciao! Amore!’s I would get as a blonde?

  2. I’m sure you’ll get plenty as a brunette! No need for overkill.

  3. Girls, no need to dye your hair with those big black eyes and sweet personalities. Shelby you can sing your way into their hearts. Julia write a poem about Italian men. But do be careful walking on those cobblestones! You both survived Buckhead, Little Five Points and Virginia Highland. It would be a shame to loose your balance in Italy

  4. OH, and in case there was any misinterpretation of me saying S would “get plenty”, I meant get plenty of ciao amore comments.

    And mom, you know better, I avoided Buckhead at all costs. Never trust a man in a tie after 5. Buckhead is full of them. And with age comes great balance, so I’ll not fall, literally or metaphorically, in Italy. Trust me. As for writing poems about Italian men, maybe David or Dante but otherwise I think the rest are safe from my scrutiny of words.

  5. oh, you are so right, I could write a poem about David. By the way, started a new book you must read, I think. Gaileo’s Daughter.

  6. Miche: have you read the Rule of Four? It’s another Italian art mystery kind of thing. Lots of fun.

    I plan to do plenty of tripping on cobblestones. Can’t help myself.

    When do we get to hear about CHOCOLATE?

  7. You know what, I think Shane was reading the Rule of Four, so we have it. It is on my list. I am reading all things Italian. The trip has me nuts for all things italian!!! When are you going?

  8. i’ll be in Italy from March 9-12

  9. I do have Rule of Four. Michelle, got it for me. I read it. It was good, but I want to go back and read it again. I will appreciate it even more now. That is after I read, The Pope and Michelangelo’s Ceiling, Galileo’s Daughter, etc.

    I highly recommend “Bruneschelli’s Dome”.

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