Because everything returns to the sea . . .

. . . or at least pays homage to Moby-Dick.

I’m back to sounds and I must share this repetitive call. There is a glass door framed by metal that leads into the computer lab / library. Naturally, the floors are tile. At least 20 times a day the door sticks and slowly (lentemente) crawls closed, scrapping as it goes. The sound generated at first seemed alien. Now I realize it sounds like whale song. A symbolic reverberation of alienation and call. 

And so I find I am happy and alone and there may be liberation in solitude, but for me there is always the need for call — and feedback. So thank you for the emails, greetings and well wishes. Connections maintained over a vast distance, not such a foreign or new concept after all.

Ah, and the door closes as if on cue.

5 responses to “Because everything returns to the sea . . .

  1. How amazing that your entry had to do with sounds! It has been windy for the past two days. Very windy! (the bug zapper fell from the pear tree, I never approved it). My unplanted pansies also blew off the deck. The sound of the wind coming from your bedroom windows (the original windows you would not allow us to replace). Anyway I was in that end of the house and the howling wind sounds were wonderful. The sounds were melodic not frightening at all. I must be mellowing, I appreciated the windows where Granny viewed her rose garden long ago for the first time. Thanks Julia Perhaps I am appreciating old things because I am getting older. Or perhaps your love of old things is blowing across the ocean and renewing my spirit, Sounds are wonderful. Taste is too, can’t wait to eat some of those tomatos!

  2. this morning Zoe and I read “baby beluga” before i left her at school. we had to imagine the whale calls, but she was still pretty happy. and she says “whale” now, too, though not as often as komodo dragon.

    are you going to tape some of your favorite sounds before leaving? wonder if there’s a microphone attachment for the ipod. (i’m sure there is, for a price, of course.)

  3. Oh! She says whale. I hope you taught her that word and not some rank stranger w/o a Melville clue.

    If I can record it I will for her. Whale sounds are necessary for all 2 year-old future M-D freaks. (sorry darryl but I am her godmother.)

  4. I can record the sound on my mp3 player. And will do when I come in just a few weeks!

  5. J, if you purchase a digital camera, you can take video which will also record the sound…not to encourage the purchasing of technology.

    By the way, Lori, have you seen the whale stranded in London?

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