Cieling of Siena DuomoSiena DuomoHills of Tuscany

Siena and San Gimignano gifted me with a rare moment where exactly how lucky I am resonated throughout my core. And I’m not trying to rub it in, but I had a moment of clarity about the beauty and awe of life and realized at that moment, that yes, you can work hard to obtain goals — in fact you should — but sometimes everything real you’ve earned align with somewhat magical forces and give you purity of spirit and the physical self. It was my secret superpower of the day. And no, I didn’t have a camera to document it, but bummed some pics from the photography teacher.

And for those of you who love tomatoes and garlic, let’s just say I experienced a glimpse of perfection when I ate a bowl of uncut macaroni covered with tomatoes, garlic, olive oil at a trattoria in Siena. There were some of us literally cheering as the bowls were passed out. Me, I just did my happy food dance. Go ahead, hate me, but I only speak the truth.

The illuminated choir books and the interior of the Duomo are unspeakable treasures of my memory.

6 responses to “Siena

  1. I adore tomatoes! Italy had some of the best tomatoes that I have ever tasted. Savor plenty for me!

  2. Savoring in full swing. and now that I have workers (or buzzer elves as Lori called them) I think I’ll enjoy lunch out and away from my desk once or twice a week.

  3. I am insanely jealous, being the tomato snob that I am. Why wasn’t I born in Italy instead of a country where tomatoes are gassed to make them red and lettuce is genetically engineered, not for flavor, but to hold up in shipping? Why, why, why?
    I think I will plant some lettuce and tomatoes…

  4. i’m now dreaming of March 9 and the glorious meals we’ll share. i think even little miss Z will be thrilled with the food choices. not to mention the sounds and smells. all those stones and puddles and stairs and spires. toddler heaven. especially if there are some pigeons about.

  5. No lack of pigeon or pigeon poo or dogs or dog poo. Florence not so big on the pooper scooper habit, I must say.

  6. Oh Jules! How I envy you! Goodness gracious…there is nothing like those tomatoes and glorious apples!!! Nothing here tastes as wonderful as the food there! Even the olive oil just doesn’t compare! Guess I need to plan my next trip over. I’ll let you know ASAP.

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