the daily grind

So you’ve heard about the 79-stairs and the miles of walking everyday. What you may not have heard is that I have to handwash everything. I really don’t, I could take it to the laundry. But so far it has been washing by hand. Which is fine. Denim, very difficult. Silk, fantastic. Suddenly I have a new appreciation for skimpy undies because they have the quickest drying time. Honestly, when you put them on a radiator, they can dry in 5 to 8 minutes. (And yes mom, I make sure to not leave anything on the radiator 🙂 ) The major problem is that when they air dry, everything is a little stiff so I’m now the proud owner of an iron. Ironing softens it up a bit and I look more polished than ever.

 And this morning I made my first pot of coffee over here. Pot is a bit of an overstatement, really first cup of coffee because I’m now using the little stove top coffee percolator. Very cute. But there really is nothing like making a pot of coffee. I had missed that more than I knew.

Oh, and it’s cold. So yes, I’m having fun and loving it here, but last night I dreamt of my pool in Tallahassee. It was clear, blue, inviting. Then I woke up to put on layers of silk and wool and socks and, well you get the idea.

Here is a picture of my infamous stairs. Yes I’m at the top. Julia's apartment stairs

10 responses to “the daily grind

  1. And who turned you on to skimpy undies? I will be your Mother here and say, “Julia, It’s good that you don’t leave clothes on the radiator but Honey, please make sure that iron is unplugged when you leave the house.”

  2. You know, I’m constantly amazed by the fact the people closest to me have no faith in my reasoning skills. I do have a brain and occasionally even find time to use it! But yeah, I’m slightly OCD when it comes to the iron, the stove and the radiator, so don’t worry.

  3. Dearest Julia I have every faith that you still remember Smokey the Bear and the fireman that came to Jerome Jones, Moriningside elementary, Woodward Academy, and Fort Payne,Al Elementary. Wow I just realized why you are so well rounded! You have attended schools from the ghetto to the mountains. (sorry Atanta friends but in 1976 Jerome Jones (Grant Park) was a ghetto. TodayI would have to dig deep to buy the Victorian on Cameron Street.1999 it sold for $425,000. So obviously it is no longer a ghetto. THE POINT IS: I have full confidence in your fire safety, your ironing ability and your smarts. Do buy a drying rack and I am bringing a coffee maker and a shut off iron. Shelby thanks for doing back up worrying and for introducing my princess to silk undies. All cotton takes a long time to dry. Love Mom

  4. Don’t bring an iron or a coffee maker. Really they both work fantastically and the iron may be an auto shut off I just don’t give that function a chance to work.
    My memories of atlanta in the 70s kind of omit the ghetto aspect of it. I remember it as a place of change and emergence. The joy of being ignorant in youth. I wish I could view the world like that again. Where evil stays in the shadowy corners or colorfully prances in front of you — more of a reality of life than a force to fight with. Oh, wait, maybe I am still like that. Come to think of it, ghetto mountain princess survivor sounds like a great life goal. Hmmm, maybe that will be my next 7 year cycle?

  5. Well, I for one would never question Julia’s abilties or competence, though one could be a bit travel-drunk and forget things. Regardless, you’re fine.

    My larger concern is that Mama Padgett has the time to comment on this new and hardly-proven-itself-in-the-blogosphere blog, but she can’t take a hot minute to comment on MY blog . . . well, so much for her sweet whispers in my ear in New Orleans . . . 😦

  6. So my real interst is coffee, being acquainted with your OCD tendencies. Is it a cute metal stove top espresso maker??? Is the coffee delicious? If i gave up television would i have time handwash and iron? Radiators are great for drying . . .

    Maybe you should try a house elf instead of the laundromat.

    Can’t wait to see your place & your calves of steel. Will pack extra undies.

  7. Remember that you can also use your iron to make a grilled cheese sandwich, as per “Benny and Joon.” Just put it on Wool. Personally, I have never tried this, but it seems like the thing to do in Florence when you are hungry but can’t manage the 79 stairs. Follow with an apple for dessert.

  8. My coffee maker is cute and metal, but I think Espresso would be a stretch. I put water in the bottom, coffee in the middle, screw on the top and the water flows upward with heat and into the top. It is delicious. The fact I don’t know Italian and bought heavy whipping cream instead of milk also helps the flavor. If you give up TV you can definitly handwash, but why? Give up TV maybe, but write or work on that dissertation . . .
    Cheryl, I will try not to abuse the iron that way. But if Johnny Depp wants to make me a grilled cheese sandwich with it, really, who am I to stop him? As for the apple, mmmm, I’m leaving here in an hour or so and buying one on my way home.

  9. So much to say! I think your new nickname is ghetto mountain princess survivor–I love it!

    I will attest that even though I was only with Julia for two days, she always checked the lights and made sure she had her keys before we left. As for the 79 stairs, Julia will never have to take anti-depressents while over there because those stairs get your endorphins pumping for sure!

    I will also comment that italian coffee is divine. It is smaller and you can’t always get it to go, but it is smooth.

    You all are too cute!!! I hope to have honeymoon pics including Julia pics this weekend!

  10. Jules,
    I’m confused. The techno age is passing me by…big surprise. I hit a button and I’m getting all these messages from/to you. Is that the purpose of a “blog”? If not………biggest apologises for reading your mail. Did you know your writing is getting nice and misty/ foggy again? It has the dreamy midnight cloud tones again…….I’ve missed that so very much.

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